Space – New Horizons Countdown

Let’s do this!

Like all, I sometimes wander about it all. What gets me the most is the contrasts in scale. From the smallest to the largest we can identify, it can get bigger than this and a lot smaller than this.

It was Clyde Tombaugh who discovered Pluto, the sorry not the ninth planet in our solar system, on February 18, 1930. 85 years later the remains of a very complex rocket originating from earth, built with mater that gathered to form a ball of matter that calls itself the planet earth, approaches that sorry not a planet Pluto.


This event is motivated my human curiosity, a concept developed by humans – a self proclaimed life form – that also emerged from the funky blue ball of matter…


…stop it.

The so called count down has begun – at the big bang. At the time of writing, it’s an exciting time for humans, particularly for those that are marveled by IT all. The remains of the rocket, a.k.a. the Horizon Space Craft, is getting nearer and nearer to Pluto and sending pictures like these:

Pluto, approximately one day from full resolution. Click the image to see all of them.
Pluto, approximately one day from full resolution.

I myself become ecstatic with data like this. If you want to see all the photos taken so far, including photos from Pluto and Charon – one of it’s moons – go here! If you don’t want to go there, there’s a photo of Charon right here:

Charon is cool and spotty!
Charon is cool and spotty!

There are even pictures of them together. 🙂

pluto and charon
Pluto and Charon

The sheer power of human curiosity culminating in a glimpse into the darkness that reveals the same beauty I experience every day… So alien and yet so familiar this remainder of cosmic evolution, at the grip of the same laws I am. Space is cool. 😀

Cooler thing is, that image is going to get a lot sharper! Like, really sharp! For the nerds, this is the trajectory of the space craft at the time of writing, and if you click it you’ll be able to track it in real time.

fly by trajectory
Click the image to get a realtime.

Who made this possible? The whole team is 25% women and the are apparently very proud of that. Check out the babes…

The Horizon mission babes
The Horizon mission babes

There is a blog run by the team so you can also follow their point of view here. If you go really crazy with this stuff, you can even get the app or name some stuff on pluto! …Im not going to link that…


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