Responsible for the development of GoInside’s GMediaVault, a Media Asset Management and Workflow product. Mainly, daily tasks put me in contact with the following technologies: JEE, SPRING CLOUD, SQL, LINUX, Jenkins, Nexus, Jira, BitBucket, Git, Amazon EC2, Docker, LxC, and ipTables.

Main coding tasks include:

  • Further develop, test and deploy the GMediaVault product
  • Solve tickets for the GMediaVault’s clients
  • Produce developer and user documentation in Confluence
  • Manage development tasks in Jira

In addition to my coding tasks, I also design, deploy and support most of the infrastructure in place, to speed up product development and support:

  • Continuous Integration flows for the GMediaVault product
  • Develop and maintain the visualization infrastructure

Sysadmin GoInside’s infrastructure at Amazon.